School Social Worker

MD-DEPT. OF JUVENILE SERVICES   Frederick, MD   Full-time     Education
Posted on February 1, 2024

he Department of Juvenile Services, Juvenile Services Education Program (JSEP) is seeking to fill two school social worker positions: one in Frederick County and one in Baltimore County. These positions offer a rewarding opportunity to make a profound difference in the lives of vulnerable youth while contributing to the betterment of our community.

Frederick County Victor Cullen School 6000 Cullen Drive Sabillasville, MD 21780 Baltimore County Charles H. Hickey, Jr. School 9700 Old Harford Road Baltimore, MD 21234 The principle tasks of the School Social Worker are to help students and families make the best use of available opportunities and resources and to fully develop each student's individual potential. The School Social Worker brings to the educational process an understanding of the psychosocial development of children and the influences of family, community, and cultural differences as they interact with the educational process. The incumbent will maintain a presence in the school, engage with students and staff. The School Social Worker provides the necessary professional skills to assist students and communities in problem solving and conflict resolution in a safe and healthy manner. School Social Work is founded on the following premises: Definite and identifiable reasons exist why some students are not successful in school and exhibit undesirable behavior (including at-risk factors, dropping out and trauma). It is critical to assist teachers and families in alleviating adverse conditions in order to promote resiliency and academic success for at risk students. It is important to assist parents and school personnel in utilizing school and community resources to help children maximize their educational abilities. Parental involvement with the school is essential to create positive academic and social outcomes for students. It is essential that school staff listens to and respects the feelings and sensitivities of students and parents of all cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Education becomes a successful experience for students who are helped to overcome the social and emotional problems interfering with adjustment and achievement in school. Special education and related services must be provided for students with physical, mental, social, emotional, or other educational disabilities. Social justice and equal opportunity for all students and families will increase educational attainment and enhance the educational experience for everyone. This position requires assignment to multiple sites, to provide systemic support.

As an equal opportunity employer, Maryland is committed to recruiting, retaining, and promoting employees who are reflective of the State’s diversity. People with disabilities and bilingual applicants are encouraged to apply. DJS values the experience gained by Veterans while serving our country. Veterans are encouraged to apply,